Aaron Lockett

Aaron Lockett – Founder and Owner
NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor
Certified NBPA/FIBA Agent

As a former NFL/CFL football player, Aaron Lockett understands the grind. From a college football All-American at Kansas State University to an NFL draft pick, success has always followed closely. The next five years were different as it included two different NFL stops, random one-off injuries and a three-year career in the CFL. The question that lingers for most former players was now present, “What’s Next?”

Luckily for Aaron he had more than one love. Football was an opportunity to showcase his athletic ability, but his desire to become a business executive for a Fortune 5 company was the other. Poised to make a splash he humbly accepted an internship in the Energy Industry. With football gone his focus shifted to financial reports and data analysis. His competitive nature garnered him a full-time position and his tenacity and dedication landed him multiple promotions. Fourteen years later, Aaron has captured the ability to handle finances, operations, strategy, optimization and business development. The question still remains, “What’s Next?”

Born into a family of athletes, Aaron has seen and experienced the highs and lows of professional football. He understands the gameday butterflies, the importance of a great combine performance, but more than anything the power of great representation. Aaron carries that same passion for excellence to the business side. With proven successes and the ability to lead people and deliver results, Aaron is prepared to invest into his clients.

Aaron holds a Bachelors in Marketing & International Business from Kansas State University along with an Accounting Degree and a minor in Economics.

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